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Folsom, CA


Folsom, CA

The clients acquired a beautiful site overlooking Lake Folsom in Northern California. Our Clients had happy memories of times spent in Coastal Orange County and imagined hiring someone who would bring a quality to the project of the coast. Finding us online we were very excited to head up and see this beautiful site. The project took a while to get going as the Clients managed to acquire an adjacent lot that would give us many more options in developing a design. We wanted to create a house that would spread across the site to take advantage of as much of the lake views to the east as possible while preserving several oak trees on the property. To the west there were also views of the Sacramento Valley and towards the coastal mountain ranges. It was important to acknowledge both in the layout of the program and think about the time of day that each space would most likely be used as well as to minimize the appearance of cars and the private road to the west from the living and garden spaces. The house is laid out in three sections with the main bedroom and private spaces to the north, public spaces in the middle with a family room and guest rooms to the south. Entry from the street is through a canopied gate and a short flight of steps to a meandering path that navigates past the two oak trees before crossing a water feature to the front door. The entry hall is completely glazed to allow views to the lake as you approach the door. Privacy from the street is maintained by taking advantage of a slight grade change and a stone garden wall. The entry leads directly to the main living space. A piano and dining area are focused on the water feature to the west while the living area, kitchen and breakfast table look out towards the view of the lake over the pool. Sliding walls of glass open to a covered terrace. The pool itself takes a sinuous shape that maximizes the water to water connection from within the home. Directly adjacent to the kitchen is a covered outdoor living space containing cooking area, dining and a fireplace with views to the water and protection from the late afternoon sun which can be oppressive in the summer months. The main bedroom opens to the south and east to capture early morning views of the distant Sierras and local wildlife. The family room in the guest wing connects to an outdoor terrace and roof deck to take advantage of the lights in the valley below at night time. To the north west is an artist studio with kiln, the Clients are an accomplished artist and photographer. The palette of materials is light and reminiscent of the beach, soft cream limestone with white and silver metal accents with a series of cantilevered roofs undulating across the landscape 


Folsom, CA
Daniel Cardenas Construction Inc.
Interior Designer:
Magni Kalman Design
Parker Resnick Structural Engineering
Manolo Langis