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Paul McClean


Member of the American Institute of Architects and licensed architect in several states.

I grew up in Ireland where I attended the Dublin Institute of Technology graduating with honors in architecture in 1994. During my time at university I traveled extensively and worked for award winning architectural practices in London, Dublin and Sydney, Australia. I also had an opportunity to work with the Monument Service of Ireland sketching and surveying many of the historic castles and monasteries dotted throughout the Irish landscape. In addition, I spent a year working with a firm in Dublin on museums and art galleries in the national capital. After graduation, I arrived in Southern California and worked for various local architectural firms before establishing McClean Design in 2000.

I feel that we have been very fortunate these last few years and have managed to complete many new homes. I have always enjoyed working with different people and am constantly amazed by the different and varied backgrounds of our clients. I have been able to establish lasting relationships with high quality builders and other design professionals helping to ensure that our entire team is committed to realizing the dreams and aspirations of our clients. Design is more than a job for me. It is what I wanted to do as a little boy and which I am lucky enough to be able to practice today and hopefully for a very long time.

Saskia McClean

I was born and raised in rainy northern Germany and moved to California in 1995. Since we established McClean Design in 2000, I have been responsible for managing the office and keeping everybody on their toes! My passion though, is interior design and I enjoy working with private clients in addition to collaborating on projects within our office. I particularly liked working on the house at Point Place, listed under projects, and my native German has come in useful with our recent projects in Bavaria. Each interior design project is unique to me, from the smallest children’s room to the largest home. My goal with every project is to help my clients create a warm and inviting environment that will maximize the potential of each space for years to come.

Brett Loehmann


I grew up in a small town in the rural west suburbs of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, before acquiring a Masters of Architecture and Masters of Construction Management from Washington University in St. Louis. After working for a few years in downtown Chicago, I made the move out to Southern California for life’s next adventure. For me, design is not just a building. Everything around us can be designed, and what we design is a result of what inspires us and what we want to inspire in others. Furthermore, architectural design is the opportunity to create an experience between people and the environment in which they live, work and interact with the people around them, through an integrated harmony between conceptual and technical craft.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’
- Leonardo da Vinci

Bernardo Broas


My love for drawing at an early age was a good indication that design and architecture would be in my future. I always desired to have a career that stimulated my creative side and after completing my architectural education at Cal Poly Pomona in 2001, I found myself searching for ways to express my passion, and custom homes was the answer. With over 22 years of architectural experience, I find myself at McClean Design working on one-of-a-kind luxury custom homes. The uniqueness of each project brings out a high level of creativity as each property has its own challenges. A highlight of my job is building relationships with our clients and seeing their dream homes come to fruition. The process of designing a home is very personal to each client and it is very rewarding to see the finished product. It's an honor to have learned so much under the leadership of Paul McClean. Our studio is filled with creative minds that collaborate to create unique one-of-a-kind designs. When I'm not designing or visiting a job site, you can find me on the golf course or a surfboard.

Michael Anglisano


Passionate about design, I pursued architecture at Auburn University, discovering its power to impact lives and shape our perception of the world. At McClean Design, I've refined these sensibilities, aiding in transforming client programs into harmonious architectural reflections of their lives within the landscape. I enjoy carefully crafting distinctive spaces and managing large-scale projects with our talented team, aligning program, design, and client vision seamlessly from conception to completion. The opportunity to enrich lives through architecture is a calling I embrace, with the goal of leaving a positive lasting imprint on the world, one unique and artful project at a time. Through thoughtful design, I aspire to create spaces that inspire and resonate with people on a profound level, making a positive impact in their lives.

Anna Holst

I was born and raised in a small town called Kristinehamn in Sweden. Moved over to the U.S. with my husband in my early twenties and we have lived here ever since. Started working at McClean Design in the beginning of 2013 managing the office.

Nathan Hunt

For as long as I can remember I have been infatuated with the art of creation and building at all scales. My grandma loved to tell the story of how I would beg and beg for this toy or that and when it was not handed to me, I would just make my own. Or try to at least. I was lucky to have been raised in a family of artists, designers and builders who cultivated my passion and gave me the tools necessary for a career in architecture. Starting my career, I juggled between architecture school and working in the field. I apprenticed as a carpenter, ironworker, and glazier and during this time gained a great appreciation of how design materializes and truly fell in love with architecture. I went on to work for many of the best residential architects in Southern California, helping to design and manage hundreds of single and multi-family residential projects across the U.S. and abroad. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to join McClean Design and jumped at the chance. Every day since I have been challenged to push the envelope of design and construction and I am loving every minute.

Christopher Pozil

Long story short, I’ve always loved the arts and sciences. I first found those intertwining fields pushing me towards a love of music, which still flourishes but evolved into a love of architecture. After SDSU, I got my master’s degree from NewSchool of Architecture with concentration in digital architecture and fabrication and became a licensed Architect shortly thereafter. As a project manager at McClean Design, I work on all aspects of the building process, from early schematic design to construction administration. There is a holistic approach to our design method where we fully embrace our client’s lifestyle and transform it into something that is both artistically timeless and simplistically functional.

Isaiah Rojas

I grew up in the South Bay/Long Beach region of Southern California and attended Long Beach City College before transferring to university where my curiosity for the profession grew. My interest in architecture stems from wanting to know how a project evolves from concept to reality through the design process. Being a recent graduate from California State Polytechnic University Pomona,I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree and joined the incredibly talented team at McClean Design where I am fully immersed in all aspects of the design process. While here at McClean Design,I am seeing the importance ofdesign and itseffecton an individual through materiality, light, and connection to the natural environment. I look forward to the success and challenges ahead as I continue my professional journey in architecture and design. Outside of architecture,I enjoy the outdoors and being active. Doing all the things that Southern California has to offer, from camping/hiking in the mountains, relaxing at the beach, or playing sports at a local park.

Brian Gardarian

My architectural journey began during a transformative high school summer job at a Newport Beach cabinet shop. While working on custom houses, I discovered a profound passion for crafting unique homes. After high school, I dedicated myself to honing my artistic inclinations and further developing my woodworking skills. This dual commitment deepened my appreciation for the interplay of design and construction, guiding me towards the path of architecture. This journey ultimately culminated in my graduation with honors from Newschool of Architecture and Design in San Diego.
Today, I feel fortunate to be part of the visionary team at McClean Design, collaboratively driving the advancement of contemporary modern architecture.
Beyond architecture, I enthusiastically pursue various passions – from the exhilaration of racing and the serenity of boating, to the challenge (and sometimes frustration) of golf. However, the moments I treasure most are those spent with my growing family and loved ones.

Samuel Quaye

I was born and raised in the small town of Westminster, Massachusetts. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. My passion for high-end residential architecture inspired my relocation to Southern California. After being given the amazing opportunity to work at McClean Design, I have been fortunate enough to contribute to the design and development of some of the most luxurious custom homes in the world. When I am not in the office, I enjoy being active, playing sports, and working out. I also enjoy spending time with friends and exploring new places.

Vincent Nguyen

Growing up in the vibrant Vietnamese community of Little Saigon, I was immersed in a rich cultural tapestry that shaped my perspective on design. Prior to joining the team at McClean Design, I worked in various offices across Orange County and Los Angeles, assisting on the design of residential and mixed-use projects. As a graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, I earned my Bachelor of Architecture, laying the groundwork for my design skill. My passion for design is deeply rooted in the transformative power of architecture, particularly its placemaking ability to create meaningful places that resonate with people on a personal level. By continuously pushing the boundaries of design, I strive to craft spaces that not only inspire but also evoke a sense of wonder and belonging. Since joining McClean Design, I have been able to help on creating 3D models and presentations as well as developing the designs into working drawings. As I embark on this new chapter, I am committed to continue learning building and design to create environments that leave a lasting impression where every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Fenja McClean

From a young age, my fascination with art has been a driving force in my life. However, it was through my experience working with McClean Design that my passion for architecture and interior design truly flourished. Collaborating with such a prestigious firm has provided me with invaluable opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in the field. Each and every opportunity I've been involved in has been a masterclass in creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. Despite the demands of balancing work and education, I find immense fulfillment in continuing to work part-time with McClean Design while pursuing my Associate's and Bachelor's degrees. Outside of work and school, my passion lies in two main areas: competitive horse riding and spending quality time with my family and loved ones. These pursuits not only bring me immense joy but also offer a much-needed balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Martin Cerna

I received my Bachelors of Architecture from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2010 where I developed a great appreciation and fascination for the design process. For me, this has become a great motivating factor in working within the design field. Being able to practice and develop that skill on contemporary single family residences has proven to leave a lasting impression on my thoughts towards architecture as a craft and service. Since working at McClean Design, I have been able to help in the design process by generating 3D models and presentations, as well as moving the design from concept to full working drawings; there has yet to be a dull moment!

Riccardo Melchionna

I was born and raised in a little town in Lake Como in the northern region of Italy. Since childhood, I’ve always had a creative mind and have been very passionate about hand-drawings and model-making. This inspired me to attend Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland where I received a Master’s of Science in Architecture in 2017. As a university student, I’ve learned how to put these passions into a design process in order to create an architectural piece, with a connection between space, light and the environment. After working for two years at an architectural firm in Florence, I decided it was time for a life-changing experience.

Presently, I am practicing new approaches to architecture and assisting in the design process with 3D models, drawings, and presentations.

When I’m not designing, you can find me hiking with a camera in my hand.