Anthony Ruzittu

Growing up in the Island of Sardinia, Italy, I began at a very young age to admire the power and beauty of stone, water and light. Thanks to my family landscape business, I cultivated a strong relationship between nature and architecture, which over the years, developed through professional relationship with local Artists, Artisans and Architects that thought me the care of craftsmanship and importance of details.While studying in Rome and Paris, I surrounded myself by Art and Architecture that not only are the foundations to my profession but also became part of my lifestyle and culture. Everything around me was layered by generations of past designers, I only needed to observe and draw their beauty and experience.After a few years working for LeSwisse designing custom homes along the Costa Smeralda shores, my wife and I decided to go for the long shot and move to sunny Southern California. Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to work for Mcclean Design, where my passion for Architecture and high-end residential is constantly renewed by the research of innovation, attention to form and function, and the desire to work with our clients towards one goal: designing their dream home.


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